Be Smart, Be Mobile: A Case for Modern Tool Tracking

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz April 30th, 2019

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Construction businesses have to constantly make adjustments to stay ahead. It can be hard to know where to start, but here is an idea: already in the pocket of every crew leader is a tool with untapped potential. What else can you do with that smart phone?

Tool Inventory Tracking: Laying a Proper Foundation

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz December 15th, 2017

Tool Inventory Tracking - Laying a Foundation 1200x630

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry. Emerging technology and new solutions have increased our speed, efficiency, and profitability. In particular, the arrival of new and improved tool tracking applications has awakened great excitement.

Tool Tracking: A Look at Beacon Solutions

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz October 11th, 2017

Tool Tracking Beacon Solutions, 910x630

Everyone needs to track tools, big Brands like Milwaukee™, DeWalt™, and Bosch™ have beacon-based tracking solutions – but are the beacons reliable? GPS or Bluetooth do they work like you expect?

How Tool Tracking Works for You

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz April 25th, 2019

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Only 30% of firms currently deliver projects on budget, and only 15% deliver on time. Losing or misplacing expensive tools (and repeatedly rebuying them) has a major influence on these grave statistics – and your bottom line.

3 Key Elements of Modern Operations

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz April 25th, 2019

Modern Tool Tracking Operations

Replacing tools is frustrating, expensive, and disruptive to the flow of operations. The impact is real: delayed jobs, lost hour, and wasted money. Here are 3 key elements of a good modern tool tracking process.

Mobile Tool Tracking: Back to Basics

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz September 11th, 2017

Basic Tool Tracking

You’ve got work to do. You have the weight of the entire business’s performance and profitability on your shoulders. And all you can think is, When the hell did it all get so complicated? Can we just get back to basics?

Save Money: Follow the Tools

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz September 11th, 2017

Right Tools for Tracking

You know the mantra: follow the money. But here at ShareMyToolBox we say follow the tools. Follow the money? Let me save you the trip. If you’re a contractor, I can tell you exactly where the money leads.

Tool Tracking: Build Accountability

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz September 11th, 2017

Who Is Accountable - Tool Tracking

Things aren’t getting any easier out there. In fact, each year the complexity of construction work continues to increase while profit margins get thinner. This is likely no surprise to you; it’s the reality you live in every day. For most contractors tool tracking is an essential function to make sure you stay profitable and an area where improvement is needed.

Tool Tracking: Find Tools Fast

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Find the tools you need with mobile tool tracking

If you’re a one-man show, then tracking tools is just a matter of keeping the shed and the truck organized — and remembering which neighbor borrowed the drill (and that’s tough enough). But if you’ve got multiple jobsites manned by multiple field teams — you’ve got yourself a cluster– well, you know. Tracking tools and being able to locate your tools fast is essential to any business. If you’ve taken steps to get organized, then at a minimum, you at least know what tools and equipment you have.

Tool Tracking: Get Organized

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz May 20th, 2019

Stop Losing Your Tools!

Those golden days of heading to a job with your tool belt and a few thousand bucks of power equipment in the pickup are over. Between the tools, the tablets, and the lasers, tool investments are at an all-time high for contractors — as you well know. You also know it’s a pain in the ass trying to keep track of the tools and equipment used on various jobs, and the ever-increasing expense of those tools just multiplies the stress.

Tool App Review ConTechTrio

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz September 8th, 2017

ConTechTrio Tool tracking

ConTechTrio won Construciton Junkie’s Best Construction Podcast in 2016 and this week they reviewed ShareMyToolbox on their App Tuesday reviews. Rob the host shared some personal tool tracking stories and walked through how the app would have helped him. ConTechTrio is one of the most trusted reviewers of technology in construction today, see what they had to say about ShareMyToolbox!

Top 4 Surprises from Tool Tracking Survey

In Tool Tracking Blog by Chris Wirtz September 8th, 2017

Monkey Tool Tracking Surprise

ShareMyToolbox republished a tool tracking survey conducted in partnership with the Construction Financial Manager’s Association (CFMA) and the ICCIFP. This tool tracking survey was one of the most comprehensive looks at how companies are tracking small tools and equipment. 50% of contractors don’t track small tools and equipment at all! Learn what other surprises we found in the survey data…