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ShareMyToolbox provides affordable, super simple (yet extremely powerful) mobile-first small tool tracking solutions.

What if your team could get organized easily, have inventory visibility, and build trust across the entire organization – from the field to the office to the warehouse? And, not break the bank doing it, spending countless months getting set up. ShareMyToolbox is easy to use, fast to setup, and priced to be affordable from one to thousands of employees.

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Construction Tool Tracking

An App That’s Easy For The Apprentice & The Old-timer.

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What if your phone could be used for more than TikTok videos and sketchy texts from that one weird friend? With ShareMyToolbox, you can use the phones and tablets that your teams already have to track your tool inventory. And since we know people love scrolling through Instagram, obviously we made our app with pictures too, making it easy to select tools and equipment. But don’t worry, we also do cool techie-stuff like our easy to use barcode scanner.

Use Apple or Android devices, phones or tablets. We don’t care.
We keep them updated on both platforms. Whatever works best for your company.

ShareMyToolbox Top Rated Small Tool Tracking App for Construction Professionals
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Get Your Tools Organized

You know when you watch one of those shows that helps insanely disorganized people get organized? But then you’re like, “Seems like a good idea, but I’d rather eat Doritos and have a cold one.” What if you could easily get all your tools organized AND not spend the next six months on it? Helping contractors build a catalog of tools and equipment that helps protect the significant investment never gets old. Contractors often expense small tools as they are purchased, causing them to lose track of how much is spent on tools each year. Over time, the total value of a tool inventory can grow to represent a substantial investment by a company. Protect this investment!

ShareMyToolbox Gives You:

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Real-Time Tool Inventory

Take complete control of your inventory by resourcing your field teams with the tools they need. The office gains insight and the field has responsibility.

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Powerful Mobile-Friendly Web Portal for Admins

In addition to our Apple and Android apps, you’ll get access to our Enterprise Web Portal where you can manage your company, connections and tools. You can easily upload or download using Excel, run reports and more!

Robust, Easy to Use Platform, Full of Features

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Scan QR Codes & Barcodes

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Use Apple & Android Devices

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Cloud Hosted with Fast Sync

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Schedule Tool Maintenance

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Conduct Easy Field Audits

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Generate Damage Reports

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Costing & Billing Reports

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Track Based on Kits & Trailers

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Inventory Consumables

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Find Tools Fast

A $200 tool can bring work on a project to a halt if it can’t be found quickly enough. Don’t let this happen to you [insert infomercial voice here]. A good construction tool tracking system makes it quick and easy to find and transfer tools and small equipment. Empower field workers to be able to search and find tools right from their phones. Allow them to see if a tool is available in the warehouse or is already at another jobsite. They can then make a borrow or purchase decision quickly and more accurately.

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Stop calling around looking for tools

Search and find out who has the tool you need quickly by searching with your phone.

Quickly move tools from idle jobs

Transfer tools directly from job to job while in the field.

Visibility for all

Make it easy for the office and the field to know who has each tool.

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Track Tools. Trust People.

Tools are kinda like socks.
They go missing into the abyss.

Reduce your annual small tool costs by increasing accountability and productivity across the team. With ShareMyToolbox, you can provide every employee with the ability to assume responsibility of the tools in their possession. From the warehouse, to the truck, the trailer, the jobsite, and back again. Knowledge is power. And with powerful comes great responsibility. Our job is to help people manage that.

Shift Tool Responsibility to the Field

You don’t need fancy equipment. Simply turn every phone into a tool tracker, equipping your field teams and allowing them to do what you pay them to do.

Mobile Tools Meet a Mobile Tracking Solution

Tools must grow legs. Surely. Because your tools are mobile, ShareMyToolbox is too.

When Tools Go Missing, You’ll Have Answers

Stop hunting and wondering. You’ll know the chain of responsibility. It may even be at the repair shop for its scheduled maintenance.

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A Construction Tool Inventory App Built For Companies Like You.

Modern Contractors Love This App

Hundreds of contractors are using our tool and equipment inventory app to track small tools and manage tools and equipment. We even make it easy to enter your tool spreadsheets into our modern Web Portal. Simply import a list of assets or type them in.

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Your mobile personnel can use the app on their phones to search the web inventory, making it easy for superintendents and foreman to find tools in stock or out on other job sites.

Additionally, tools can be transferred from person to person in the field or from the warehouse tool crib. Inventory control is as simple as using an app. With optional barcode tracking built in, small tool tracking has never been easier using Apple or Android phones. Simply use barcodes you already have. Don’t have barcodes? No problem! We can help there too! Not into barcodes? We make search super simple, yet powerful.

No need for complex RFID, GPS beacons or complex asset management. Construction tool equipment tracking needs to be easier than connecting 100 GPS beacons together. Small tool inventory tracking systems can be simple. Instead, turn the phones you already have into a modern tool tracker system. ShareMyToolbox is where tool tracking and management software is made simple.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great App , Time and Money Saver

We have been using this app for almost 1 year and the amount of time we have saved not having to look for tools/equipment is priceless alone. We have been able to save thousands by not having to purchase the same tools/equipment over and over because we know where they are. The fact that you can set up warehouse locations such as trucks or physical locations makes it easy to see who has what or where it went.

Frank LPG, Apple App Store Review

As long as this app is available I will subscribe

I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years now to keep track of the tools at my construction company. This app, with its user-friendly interface helped me streamline the process if tracking my tools. As long as this app is available I will subscribe to it and utilize this service in order to properly track the whereabouts of my tools. Thanks Chuck for always answering and helping me out with any questions I may have when I call customer support!

William Forester, Google Play Store Review

We Love our Customers

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gilbert A Lengence Company
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3 Steps to Get Started

ShareMyToolbox Construction Tool Tracking App

Step 01: Get Organized. Setup your Electronic Tool Catalog. Step 02: Add Visibility. Give Field Users Access to Search the Catalog Step 03: Add Accountability. Require Acceptance of Each Tool Transfer / Receipt

It doesn’t need to be complicated.
Begin tracking tools and equipment easily:

1.Build your tool list in the web portal so that you have a complete asset inventory. A single user can do this and assign all tools to “virtual” connections & locations. This operates like a simple single user check in/out system.
2.Once you have an organized inventory list you can begin adding field users and assigning them tools. Field users can begin searching for tools and see a list of what is assigned to them. Add Foreman, Superintendents, Technicians or anyone who needs to keep track of tools in the field.
3.Lastly, just require field employees to “accept” the tools assigned to them. Once this is implemented, field users can now use the app to search and transfer tools from the warehouse or other employees. An in & out “acceptance” tap on the app keeps responsibility assigned and every asset tracked.

Additional functionality such as barcode tracking, maintenance alerts, calibration alerts and damage tracking is available in all stages. Take advantage of it when you are ready.

Pricing That Scales

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Everything Included:

  • Unlimited Tools
  • Unlimited Locations
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  • Unlimited Virtual Employees*
  • Unlimited Training & Setup
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Full Barcode Scan Functionality
  • App Available on Apple & Android
  • Change or Cancel Anytime

Try ShareMyToolbox free for 14 Days! No credit card required.

Add or remove users in increments of 5 at any time, and pay as you go.

*Virtual Employees are people that don’t need access to the system, but you still want to assign ownership and responsibility in the system.

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Find the ShareMyToolbox app in the Apple App Store & Google Play for Android. Our users provide us with direct reviews on each platform. We also work with most major browsers for our Web Portal, but it’s optimized for Google Chrome. Leading industry review sites such as Capterra and SourceForge link to ShareMyToolbox as well and maintain independent reviews for our product. As always, please feel free to visit each site to read reviews. For in depth case studies from our users please visit our Tool Tracking Tips page.

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