Tool Tracking and Management

Enhanced visibility and operational oversight of your tool inventory, allowing tools to move fluidly from warehouse to field, or from person to person. That’s smarter tool tracking.

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#1 Tool Tracking Tip: Keep it simple!

Tool tracking doesn’t have to be hard. With ShareMyToolbox you can Improve your tool inventory management in three steps.

Build an inventory list of everything you have.
Make your list available in the cloud so everyone can see it.
Use a mobile app to check tools in/out and allow field transfers.

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But don’t let our simple approach fool you. We have all the powerful features you’re looking for in a modern tool tracking and asset management solution. Continue exploring to learn more …

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Smarter Tool Management
from Warehouse to Jobsite and beyond.

ShareMyToolbox works seamlessly in real-time across your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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Unlimited Tools. Unlimited Support.

As part of your subscription we provide seamless cloud hosting. No server software to install. This allows ShareMyToolbox to connect your field users to the office, providing mobile tool tracking without changing your current network setup. Plus, you get unlimited tools allowing you to grow and flex as you need. Simply sign in and get to work. And if you need help, we’re real people here to pick up the phone and chat.

Here’s How It Works

ShareMyToolbox keeps it simple by focusing on the three most important aspects of small tool tracking.

Items: Anything you want to track is called an Item, such as tools, consumables, and materials. Connections: Connections define who has current responsibility for an Item, such as an Employee. Locations: Items can be assigned to Locations such as jobsites, warehouses, trucks, and more.

With workflows, It’s all about taking action for seamless transfer and movement of assets.


Loan tools easily to other people. Build accountability and trust with unique “accept” workflow.


Field teams can quickly find what they need in the warehouse, a truck, or another jobsite.


With default warehouse settings and asset tag scanner, returning a tool takes just a quick tap of the screen.

Warehouse Transfers

Move tools from one warehouse to another when needed.

Field Transfers

Move tools from one jobsite to another easily.

Mass Employee Transfers

Using the Enterprise Web Portal, move all tools assigned to one person to another quickly.

With ShareMyToolbox, you can use asset tags with QR codes or barcodes, and we even offer a way to tag GPS coordinates each time your Item moves.

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Power Users Welcome

Unlock the potential of our Enterprise Web Portal, empowering power users with features like Mass Transfers and robust reporting tools.

Power Tools For Power Users

From enhancing safety and prolonging tool lifespan through service reminder alerts, maintenance record-keeping, costing and billing and more, ShareMyToolbox makes it easy to streamline your workflow while driving profitability, productivity and accountability.

Tool Maintenance Scheduling

Fast Sync with Cloud Hosting

Generate Damage Reports

Costing & Billing Reports

Track Based on Kits & Trailers

Inventory Consumables

Tool Tracking Articles and Tips

Tool tracking in construction has been a challenge for ages, costing our industry billions annually in lost tools!

Many have attempted sign-out lists or Excel sheets, but these office-centric solutions often fail. Why? Because tools aren’t managed in offices or warehouses. They’re used in the field and need on-site management. Boosting the sense of accountability across your team is key to improving tracking and reducing losses. Check out our latest articles.

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