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“Any darn fool can make something complex;
it takes a genius to make something simple.”Albert Einstein

Simple is Better

We believe that too often software companies over complicate their systems. We believe that a simple solution to 80% of a problem is more valuable than a complicated solution to 95%. Thus, we pursue simplicity in all we do.

Giving Back

Much has been given to us by the industry we serve. Thus, we feel it is a requirement to give back where we can. Visit our giving back page to see some of the ways we are supporting communities through better tool tracking.

Different is good

Nothing great was ever accomplished by doing things the same way everyone else does them. To achieve you must be willing to be different and try a new approach. We will be questioning assumptions and constantly looking for a better way to help you track your tools. Dare to be different with us!

Have Some Fun

There are days when business is hard and tough. However, there should also be days when it is fun and lighthearted. We think having some fun is a good thing so don’t be surprised if we laugh and joke when you call us. This is why we are tech guys not heart surgeons.

About the Company

Built for Field Workers First

Contractors make a significant investment in tools each year. While each individual tool may have minimal value, the total asset value of all tools can be substantial in aggregate. Annual small tool costs are often higher than they need to be due to several factors:

  • Tools are left on job sites
  • Tools are stolen or procured for personal use
  • Employees hoard tools since there is no visibility into what the company owns or who has them
  • Employees buy duplicate tools since they don’t know who has the tool they need
  • Employees have little accountability for what is in their possession
  • Tool administration can be labor intensive for the shop or tool crib manager

Because most small tools are not capitalized they are very difficult for a business to track. Most legacy tool management software that tried to address the small tool issue, approached it as an inventory or accounting problem. Due to this approach these systems are expensive, cumbersome, and don’t solve the right problems.

We are Different

Mobile First

ShareMyToolbox is an authentically mobile field tracking and tool management software solution for small tools based on peer-to-peer sharing. In a nutshell, a company catalogs their tools and makes connections to their users to assign tools. Users can then share tools, transferring both the tool and responsibility for the tool from user to user with a barcode tool tracking system, removing the need for an office or warehouse person needing to manage the transfer. Our tool management software empowers employees to make better use of tools. Search for what they need before they buy new. Share when it makes sense. Most of all, it enables the company to track all their tools with a mobile barcode tool tracking system and reduce the annual cost of buying and managing those tools.

Company Background

Construction Roots

ShareMyToolbox was originally designed and built in an innovation lab inside a large software company. Viewpoint Construction Software built the program as part of its “Viewpoint Business Incubator”. Viewpoint recognized the value and importance of experimenting and taking risks with tool management software that could significantly help contractors through technology innovation. Viewpoint’s size and technological expertise enabled a team of personnel to work together to design a tool inventory application that could scale to handle the needs of the largest contractors in the nation. The incubator provided the environment to tap a wealth of intellectual capital while quickly building a market ready product that could not be designed without such backing. After 15 months of development the director of the incubator program, Chuck Elyea, saw the vast potential of this barcode tool tracking system to change how contractors manage their tools and thus spun if off and launched ShareMyToolbox as a standalone business in 2015. ShareMyToolbox is now independent of Viewpoint Construction Software and is owned entirely by Chuck and Chris.

Our Team

Chuck Elyea


Co-Founder & CEO

A former CFO of a GC, owner of several technology businesses focused on construction and a past chairman of ICCIFP. Chuck is an experienced leader in construction and technology.

Chris Wirtz



With 20 years in construction technology Chris has worked with thousands of contractors improving estimating, accounting, project management and now tool tracking.

Ian Chief Technologist



Ian has 15 years of experience developing a wide range of commercial applications. He has a BS with Honors from the University of Teesdale in Middlesbrough, UK.

Gary Tech Advisor


Technology Adviser

Gary has 22 years experience in commercial application development. He has a BS in Electronic & Information Engineering from The University of Huddersfield in Huddersfield, UK.