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Find Tools Fast

A $200 tool can bring work on a project to a halt if it can’t be found quickly enough. Don’t let that happen on your project. A good construction tool inventory app makes it quick and easy to find and transfer tools and small equipment.

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    Stop calling around looking for tools.

    Search and find out who has the tool you need quickly by searching with your phone.

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    Quickly move tools from idle jobs.

    Transfer tools directly from job to job while in the field.

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    Visibility for all

    Make it easy for the office and the field to know who has each tool.

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Construction Tool Inventory App get Organized

Be Organized

Building a catalog of tools and equipment helps protect the significant investment contractors make in tools. Contractors often expense small tools as they are purchased and therefore lose track of how much they spend on tools each year. Over time the total value of a tool inventory can grow to represent a substantial investment by a company. In order to protect this investment you MUST organize it.

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    An Automatic Tool Inventory

    If field people are constantly updating what they are responsible for then the office has a complete tool inventory automatically.

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    Valuation & Insurance reports are easy

    With an updated tool inventory it is easy to list out the value of tools that are on any truck or at any job.

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    Equipment Service Due Alerts

    Get automatic alerts when tools need calibration, service or testing. Alerts trigger on the phone of the warehouse admin & the field person.

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Construction Tool Inventory App CAT s60

Trust but Verify

Reduce your annual small tool costs by increasing accountability for tools. A small increase in accountability will deliver a big decrease in the annual company spend on small tool purchases. Provide every employee with a list of the tools they are responsible for and they will lose fewer tools with our construction tool inventory app. After all, if the company doesn’t care about the tools why should the employee?

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    Shift tool responsibility to the field.

    Provide every employee with a list of their tools on their phone.

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    A MOBILE app to track MOBILE tools.

    Tools are lost in the field so that is where your tracking needs to be focused.

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    Know who had the tool when it vanished.

    Stop hunting for who had a tool when it went missing.

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A construction tool inventory app built for companies like you.

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Hundreds of contractors are using our tool inventory app to track small tools and manage tools and equipment. It is easy to enter your tool inventory into our web interface. Then your mobile personnel can use the small tool inventory app on their phones to search the web tool inventory. Tools can be transferred from person to person in the field or from the tool crib. Tool tracking is as simple as using an app. With optional barcode tracking built in, small tool tracking has never been easier. Scan barcodes you already have or simply search by name and picture. No need for complex RFID, GPS beacons or complex asset management. Construction tool tracking needs to be easier than connecting 100 GPS beacons together. Small tool inventory tracking systems can be simple. Dig into our site to learn more about our modern construction tool inventory tracking system.

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