Barcode Tool Tracking Tips

Barcode tool tracking can be easy. Here are some tips for tracking your tools with barcodes.

Keep Barcoding Simple

Barcoding your tools doesn't have to be complex. The barcode label simply needs to provide a unique identifying number for each tool. The scanning of the label then acts as a search for that unique number in the system. All additional tool information is provided by ShareMyToolbox. Thus, the barcode label just needs to provide a unique number.

No Expensive Scanners

There is no need to buy an expensive barcode scanner. Barcode tool tracking has indeed moved out of the 1980's! Just use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan. Today's smart phone cameras have excellent resolution and do a great job scanning barcodes. Thus, everyone in your company is already equipped to scan today!

Rugged Barcodes

If you operate in a dirty or rough environment then you may want to invest in rugged barcode labels. Metal etched tags and metal foil tags hold up to rain, mud and scratches much better than traditional barcodes. There are a number of places you can purchase these online and ShareMyToolbox will scan nearly any barcodes you have. If you want custom barcodes then we recommend you purchase from Camcode using the link below. If you just want something quick and easy then contact us for our "standard" ShareMyToolbox rugged barcode tags.

All or Nothing?

Barcoding is not an all or nothing event. You can start tracking all your tools and equipment in the system immediately. You can then slowly start adding barcodes to items. The barcode simply provides a faster way to identify an item. However, a sharpie does that as well. Get started tracking tools today and add barcodes as you can to speed up the search and ID process.

Barcode Tutorial Video

This video gives you a quick tutorial on how to setup barcoding with our system.

Want a Standard QR Code Label?

If you just need something simple and quick then ShareMyToolbox has you covered! We keep a single simple QR code tag design in stock. We normally mail your order within 48 hours.

These tags are Camcode "Metal Photo" tags so they are a rugged metal tag with an ionized layer to protect them. They include a 3M adhesive on the back and holes so they can be hung or riveted onto equipment. They also meet iOS and Android scanning standards so they work with all current phones & tablets.

Contact Us for a Standard Tag Quote

Want Custom Barcode or QR Code Tags?

ShareMyToolbox can work with your existing barcodes or you can purchase new barcodes.

Print barcodes yourself or buy rugged custom tags that include your company name, phone number, etc. We recommend you contact Camcode for custom tag orders.

Buy Custom Barcodes Here

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