Barcode Tool Tracking Tips

Using Barcodes & QR Codes to tag assets can be simple.

Keep it Simple

Barcoding your tools doesn't have to be complex. The barcode label simply needs to provide a unique identifying number for each tool. The scanning of the label then acts as a search for that unique number in the system. All additional tool information is provided by ShareMyToolbox. Thus, the barcode label just needs to provide a unique number.

No Expensive Scanners

There is no need to buy an expensive barcode scanner. Barcode tool tracking has indeed moved out of the 1980's! Just use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan. Today's smart phone cameras have excellent resolution and do a great job scanning barcodes. Thus, everyone in your company is already equipped to scan today!

Rugged Asset Tags

If you operate in a dirty or rough environment then you may want to invest in rugged barcode labels. Metal etched tags and durable polyester tags hold up to rain, mud and scratches much better than traditional barcodes. There are a number of places you can purchase these online and ShareMyToolbox will scan nearly any barcodes you have. That said, if you just want something quick and easy then contact us for our "standard" ShareMyToolbox rugged asset tag bundles.

Barcode Everything?

Barcoding is not an all or nothing event. Tools can be tracked by name, by picture or by asset tag. It is your choice. You can start tracking all your tools and equipment in the system immediately with just a name. You can then slowly start adding pictures and barcodes to items. The barcode simply provides a faster way to identify an item. If you already have something etched on a tool then just use that to start. Get started tracking tools today and add barcodes as you can to speed up the search and ID process.

Asset Tags available

You can use any asset tags you want but to keep it simple we do offer some tags for purchase.

Rugged Metal Tags

Metal tags with a QR code imprinted on them and holes for riveting or hanging on items. Size:0.75x1.50

Peel & Stick Polyester Tags, Small

Semi-rugged polyester tag with permanent adhesive for peel and stick application. Size:0.75x1.50

Larger Peel & Stick Polyester Tags

Semi-rugged polyester tag with permanent adhesive in large format for larger items. Size:2.0x3.0
Rugged Metal Construction Asset Tag
Construction Tool Tags, Polyester
Construction Tool Box Asset Tags

3 Packages to choose from

Pick the package of tags that will work best for your business. If you don't see a package that fits well then contact us for a custom quote. 

Small Pack = $100

100 Metal Tags + 275 Small Polyester +25 Large Polyester (400 Total Tags)

Medium Pack = $250

250 Metal Tags + 700 Small Polyester + 50 Large Polyester (1000 Total Tags)

Big Pack = $500

500 Metal Tags +1500 Small Polyester +200 Large Polyester (2200 Total Tags)

Barcode & QR Code Tutorial Video

This video gives you a quick tutorial on how to setup barcoding with our system.

    Need Custom Tags?

    If you would like tags with your own brand on them or your own unique numbering sequence you can place a custom order with our preferred vendor CamCode. Please use this link to request a custom tag quote. Please note, you can also use any other vendor you choose for your tag supplier.

    Contact CamCode for Custom Tags