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So many options for asset tagging…

There are a lot of asset labels and tags to choose from. Whether you are placing labels on computers, furniture, industrial machines or small tools and equipment how do you choose the right label? Construction companies have a unique challenge with this as they operate in a wide variety of environments. From the harshest job sites to high end offices and medical facilities a contractor needs asset labels that work in all scenarios. The need for a wide variety of labels can become overwhelming. We suggest taking a less is more approach.

For contractors standardizing on a metal photo asset tag is a good choice. It is relatively in expensive at around $1 a tag. However, it is a thin piece of metal with a film cover that holds up in harsh environments so the life is way better than self printed tags.

The QR asset tag has the benefit of repeating the tag number several times using the various boxes that you see printed in the tag. When some boxes get scratched the scanners can still pick up the number from another area of the tag. Since things ALWAYS get scratched up in construction this built in error correction is valuable.

Asset tags are used on small tools, equipment or just about anything. They usually have a sticky back as well as holes so the tag can be glued on, hung on or riveted on. These tags can be printed with traditional barcodes that have the block of lines. Or they can be printed with QR codes. The QR tags are preferred in harsh environments because they hold up to scratches better.

Online tracking tools such as QR Codes and Barcodes have come a long way. The Technology to print them and the technology to read them have both improved significantly in the last few years. Today, most contractors carry a smart phone which has built in scanning ability. Which means the entire company has a scanner in their pocket!

More Tag Information

CamCode created a guide for selecting asset labels to help simplify the process. Feel free to read the asset label selection guide here.

This guide helps you choose the ideal tags by answering the following questions:

What are the considerations when choosing an asset tags & labels?

Which asset labels are best suited for different needs?

What is the environment your equipment is in and how does this impact the selection?

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