Keychains with bar-codes

Barcoding idea from EC Electric

EC Electric’s clever way to barcode some hard to bar-code items.

Some things are just hard to stick barcodes on. They can be greasy, dirty or cloth. Cloth bags and straps are particularly hard to get barcodes to stick to without sewing them on. Here is a solution sent to us by EC Electric.

They tried plastic zip ties first to test the concept but wanted something more durable for their harsh jobs. The steel cables seem to be doing the trick allowing an easy to scan barcode to be attached to bags and all sorts of tools.

All the tools can also be looked up without a barcode but the scanning is so quick and easy that they wanted to get barcodes on everything they could. Field guys quickly got used to being able to scan every tool and thus complain if they come across anything that doesn’t have a barcode on it!

Harness Bag with barcode

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