What is a QR Code?

In Barcode Tips by Chris Wirtz October 18th, 2017

what is QR bar code

Replacing tools is frustrating, expensive, and disruptive to the flow of operations. The impact is real: delayed jobs, Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are becoming more popular both in and out of warehouses and storage facilities. QR codes first were developed to track parts in the manufacturing process of vehicles. Once the code is read by a cell phone or scanner, it gives more details about a business or item than a traditional barcode.

What is an Asset Label?

In Barcode Tips by Chris Wirtz September 29th, 2017

Bar code Asset Label

Asset labels, also referred to as asset tags, identify any number of physical assets, from equipment and tools to racks and machines. Asset tags are used to identify physical what-is-an-asset-tag-label assets and feature serial numbers or barcodes for identification purposes.

Getting Barcode Labels that Stick

In Barcode Tips by Chris Wirtz September 12th, 2017

Barcode Surface Prep Cleaner

Are you finding problems getting barcodes to stick? The issue could be either the adhesive selected or the surface prep. There are numerous adhesives that can be chosen but none work well if the surface hasn’t been properly cleaned. Here are some tips for getting your bar-code labels to stick.

Barcode iOS Supported Types

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Barcode iOS Types Post 2015

Here is a link to a PDF of the supported barcode types for iOS cameras. These generally also work for Android devices. The use of the phone’s built in camera eliminates the need for any proprietary hardware and should make scanning a quick and low cost option.

Popular Mechanics Feature

In Barcode Tips by Chris Wirtz September 8th, 2017

Popular Mechanics Tool Tracking Article

ShareMyToolbox was honored to be featured in the November 2015 issue of Popular Mechanics! The article highlighted how the free version of ShareMyToolbox could be used by workers everywhere