RFID tag technology

What are RFID Tags?

Learn How RFID Tags Work, What They’re Used for, and Some of the Disadvantages of RFID Technology

Original Article by Nicole Pontius updated on June 28, 2018

Nicole Pontius posted an interesting article on the blog of Camcode.com regarding RFID technology.

She outlined:

  1. Definition of RFID Tags
  2. How RFID Tags work
  3. Examples of RFID Tags
  4. Disadvantages of RFID Tags

Her article did a good job of talking about the benefits as well as drawbacks to the technology.

This included security concerns over information but also the signal conflict issues which can arise. She notes \”An RFID system is also time-consuming and labor-intensive to setup. Companies need to test various hardware and tag systems to determine the best fit.\”

Read her full article here: What are RFID Tags

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