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How It Works

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Easy. Affordable. Powerful.

Simple can be powerful! Turn on just the functions you need and enjoy a modern tool tracking system that works the way you do.

Modern Cloud Hosting

Access your info through a computer browser such as Chrome.

No Hardware Needed

Use the phone/tablet camera as a scanner

Maintenance Tracking

Track calibrations, maintenance and damage reports

Phones & Tablets

Use any mix of current Apple or Android devices

Barcodes Optional

Search by name or number not just scanning

Support Included

Unlimited phone, web, chat support included

How Tool Tracking Works

Mobile First & Cloud Hosted

Our mobile tool tracking software was built for mobile devices first rather than simply being a mobile extension of a legacy PC based system. As such, the tool management interface is clean, simple and easy to use. Utilizing modern peer to peer sharing concepts tools can move from warehouse to field or from person to person fluidly. Below is simply one of many workflows available.

Cloud Hosted

As part of the enterprise subscription we provide cloud hosting so that your organization has no software to install on your servers. The cloud allows us to connect your field users to the office. This provides mobile tool tracking without changing your current network setup. We will host an unlimited number of tools allowing you to grow as large as you need. Just sign in and get to work.

Tool Tracking System Layout

Setup Tools

The first step in setting up a mobile tool tracking system is to setup a tool catalog. You can build your tool catalog by importing a list from Excel. By entering tools into our grid in the web interface or by adding tools with your mobile device.

Give People Access

Users can be setup in the web interface and the system automatically handles the connection process. Alternate places you keep tools can be setup in the system to allow tracking at tool trailers and remote warehouse drop sites.

Tool Barcode Scanner

Admin Loans Tools

The warehouse locates a tool by barcode scan or by searching for it by name. Once selected, the tool is assigned to the employee with the swipe of a finger. When using barcodes the ShareMyToolbox mobile tool tracking app uses the built in camera on phones and tablets, not expensive proprietary hardware. We can scan QR Codes, Asset Tags, Barcodes or you can just use a tool name or ID number to search. 

Employee Accepts Tools

Once assigned from the warehouse, the employee then is required to “accept“ the tool with their phone. This helps establish responsibility for the tool with the employee. Acceptance is quick and easy but is critical to establishing accountability. A notification comes to the employee’s phone and they just tap accept or decline.

ShareMyToolbox Search Option Screen on App

If an employee needs to find a tool while in the field they can easily search using the ShareMyToolbox mobile tool tracking app on their phone. By tapping the search icon in the top right of the home screen any user can search for the location of any tool. This mobile tool tracking software feature allows field personnel to easily find and borrow tools from each other as well as see what is available in the warehouse. Tools can be marked as “unavailable“ if there are select tools that you do not want to make available for searching and sharing. This is common when a tool is in need of repair.

Field Transfer

Once an employee finds a needed tool they can easily call the person who has the tool to arrange pick up. At the time of pickup, the tool can be transferred from one user to another using the app. By swiping on the tool record, an employee can transfer the responsibility for the tool to the person picking it up. The user receiving the tool must “accept“ the transfer thereby taking responsibility for the tool. This transfer automatically updates the cloud based tool catalog. Now the search and transfer is completed without burdening the office staff to find the tool or update the tool system.

ShareMyToolbox Web Portal shown on laptop and tablet

Complete History

As each transfer occurs the information is automatically updating the company tool inventory. This cloud based tool inventory keeps a record of every transfer and acceptance. Thus, a complete tool history is available to the office. The office now has an up-to-date tool inventory without chasing field personnel around trying to get them to fill out forms.

Easy Reporting

The tool inventory is available in the web interface. Stored in an easy to use grid the data can be sorted, filtered and grouped as needed. If you need to share the information or analyze it outside the system you can easily export the tool inventory or history into Excel. The system filters, groups and sorts are maintained during the Excel export to keep it easy on you.

Need More Info First?

Watch some demonstration videos or give us a call as needed.