Simple Pricing Plans

Purchase a monthly or an annual subscription and get your tool inventory organized!

monthly subscription for tool inventory tracking

The monthly subscription is a flexible option for organizations who need to adjust users seasonally or who want to pay as they go month to month.

Purchase one Base and then add blocks of 5 User Connections as needed.

$50 Base + $10 /user

Base System Includes 1 Admin User

Additional user connections are sold in blocks of 5.
For example you can buy 5, 10, 15, etc.
The cost for these would be $50, $100, $150, etc per month.
Plus $50 base system.

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Tool Tracking App Subscription Pricing

The annual subscription to our tool tracking software is the Best Value. You pay for a year in advance and thus receive a lower per month cost.

Purchase one Base and add blocks of 5 User Connections.

5% Discount

prepay year in advance

Receive a 5% discount when you subscribe and pay for the full year in advance.

The annual cost of the Base becomes $570 and an additional $570 for each block of 5 User Connections added.

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Enterprise Tool Tracking

ShareMyToolbox will help you establish a central company tool catalog that can be shared. The system is priced by the number of users a company wants to authorize to connect to the catalog.

  • Buy the Users You Need

    Purchase as many user connections as you need. A single admin user comes with the base system. Additional user connections are sold in 5 user blocks. (Thus, buy 5, 10, 15 users.) You can buy as many users as you want. Users include administrators and field employees who receive tools such as crew leaders and technicians. See the bottom of this page for tips on counting users.

  • Unlimited Devices

    Users download the app for free from the app store of their choice. They are connected to the company catalog when they log in with an e-mail address the company has authorized. Users can activate as many devices as they want and change devices at anytime.

  • Unlimited Tools

    Catalog all your tools, guns, or anything you want to keep track of. We don’t price by the asset so enter as many as you need.

  • Unlimited Support

    Call us. E-mail us. We are here for you! Just reach out and we will support you from Charlotte, NC.

  • Unlimited Hosting

    We host your data, pictures, history at no additional cost for the length of your subscription.

  • Central Tool Catalog

    A central tool catalog can be shared and searched by the entire company. The catalog is maintained in our enterprise web interface.

  • All Features Included

    All the features you see on the website are included. Yes, barcoding. Yes, field transfer. Yes, Android & Apple devices. Yes, everything in one simple price.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions