Order Asset Tags

Simply using barcode or QR code tags is the easiest, fastest, and more cost-effective way to start tracking your tools. You can use tags you already have with ShareMyToolbox, or you can purchase new ones. We can help you get started!

Asset Tags Available

You can use any asset tags you want but to keep it simple we do offer some tags for purchase.

Rugged Metal Construction Asset Tag

Rugged Metal Tags

Metal tags with a QR code imprinted on them and holes for riveting or hanging on items. Size:0.75×1.50

Construction Tool Tags, Polyester

Peel & Stick Polyester Tags, Small

Semi-rugged polyester tag with permanent adhesive for peel and stick application. Size:0.75×1.50

Construction Tool Box Asset Tags

Larger Peel & Stick Polyester Tags

Semi-rugged polyester tag with permanent adhesive in large format for larger items. Size:2.0×3.0

4 Packages to choose from

Pick the package of tags that will work best for your business. If you don’t see a package that fits well, then contact us for a custom quote. You can buy any number and any combination of tags you need. 

Sample Bundle

50 Metal Tags + 100 Small Polyester + 25 Large Polyester (175 Total Tags)

Small Bundle

100 Metal Tags + 250 Small Polyester +50 Large Polyester (400 Total Tags)

Medium Bundle

200 Metal Tags + 500 Small Polyester + 100 Large Polyester (800 Total Tags)

Large Bundle $500

400 Metal Tags +1000 Small Polyester +200 Large Polyester (1600 Total Tags)

ShareMyToolbox Rugged Metal Tag Specs >

Need Custom Tags?

If you would like tags with your own brand on them or your own unique numbering sequence you can place a custom order with our preferred vendor CamCode. Please use this link to request a custom tag quote. Please note, you can also use any other vendor you choose for your tag supplier.

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