Tool management and equipment tracking is different in construction. Manufacturing businesses often us a tool crib system to check tools in and out of a locked cage. While that can be helpful for contractors it usually doesn't solve tool loss problems. Tool cribs and warehouse inventory is only a small part of the solution. For mobile contractors most tools are in the field. The get sent to job sites and stay there. In fact, the more efficient a contractor is the more tools actually stay in the field. In an ideal world, tools would move from job to job and NEVER come back to the warehouse. Afterall, tools are only making money when they are in the field! Contractors are in need of a simple solution that tracks tools in the field and in the warehouse. That is what ShareMyToolbox was designed to do. Make tool tracking simple for contractors who are mobile. Please enjoy these free articles and blog posts about how contractors are using a mobile app to track power tools and small equipment.