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New QR Code Asset Tag options

Polyester Asset Tags

ShareMyToolbox customers have been using our Rugged Metal tags for years. We started 6 years ago with traditional barcode tags stamped into metal. Then we evolved into a QR Code also on a thin metal tag which is called a metal photo tag.

Now we are releasing two additional tag types to complement the rugged metal tags. These are peel and stick polyester tags. They are printed with a thermal transfer process and embedded with a durable ribbon layer to protect the tag.

These are definitely much more durable than a traditionally printed label. Of course they are not as durable as our metal tags. Thus, they offer an in between option that is cheaper but still has some durability.

Why do we use QR Codes rather than traditional barcodes?

QR Error Correction is important because it allows the tags to be scanned even if they are partially damaged . Tagging assets in construction, field services and utility work are areas where the harsh environment leads to damaged tags. Rugged metal photo asset tags can resist damage and scratching. Polyester peel and stick tags are minimally durable. Since nothing is indestructible and the harsh construction environment will damage even the most rugged tags. This is where error correction becomes important. The QR tag is often still readable even when portions of it are scratched or missing. The error correction is essentially the duplication of the information imbedded into the code multiple times so that the scanner can still interpret the code even when areas of the tag are obscured.

Two Sizes

There are 2 sizes of the polyester tags being offered:

  1. Is a small 1 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch label that is the same size as our metal photo tag
  2. Is a larger 3 inch x 2 inch label that is good for larger boxes, equipment and such.

We will be releasing the new tag options for 2022.

We recommend that contractors use a mix of the rugged metal tags and the peel and stick tags to handle the variety of equipment. Having both on hand will allow the warehouse manager to optimize the label for the situation.

ShareMyToolbox Metal Labels

Asset Tag Label

We recommend the following standard label. In our testing it is the best balance of cost vs capability. You can see the size and layout we recommend in the image. Click here for more information on our small tool asset tags.

More Tag Information

CamCode created a guide for selecting asset labels to help simplify the process. Feel free to read the asset label selection guide here.

This guide helps you choose the ideal tags by answering the following questions:

What are the considerations when choosing an asset tags & labels?

Which asset labels are best suited for https://www.sharemytoolbox.com/modern-asset-tag/ different needs?

What is the environment your equipment is in and how does this impact the selection?

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