Barcode Surface Prep Cleaner

Getting Barcode Labels that Stick

Barcode Surface Prep Cleaning Instructions

FIRST: Start with a Clean Surface

To ensure proper adhesion, the target surface must be properly
cleaned before label application. It is recommended that the
surface be cleaned with the cleaning solution included with your
order; although, an industrial cleaning solution already in use by
your organization or isopropyl alcohol may also be used. Please
read all instructions on any cleaning solution bottle carefully prior to
use. All surfaces must be cleaned and completely dried to ensure
proper adhesion. Extra care should be given to plastic surfaces to
remove the potential presence of mold release or silicone.

NOTE: A permanent bond will be achieved ONLY if the application surface is free from
the presence of grease, oil, wax, moisture, silicone, mold release and/or dirt. All
equipment surfaces – new and old – must be cleaned thoroughly prior to application.

SECOND: Remove Liner
The protective liner should be removed only when the label is ready for application to
a prepared surface. Once the protective liner has been removed, handle pressure sensitive
adhesive products by the edges only. Do not touch the adhesive after the
liner has been removed.

THIRD: Affix Label
Affix the pressure-sensitive label firmly to a clean, dry surface. Avoid touching the
adhesive backing while applying. Use firm thumb pressure over the label surface to
expel excess air. Check that all edges have a secure bond. Do not apply
labels/nameplates when temperatures are 50°F or cooler.
Important Storage Information
To maximize pressure-sensitive adhesive properties on labels and nameplates, store in
a cool, dry place (72°F or cooler, less than 50% relative humidity) away from direct
heat or sunlight.

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