Future of IOT and the connected jobsite

Future of IOT and the Connected Jobsite – BuiltWorlds Infographic

Originally published on the BuiltWorlds Blog – October 2017
BuiltWorld Blog Article

BuiltWorlds published an interesting InfoGraphic discussing the future of the connected construction jobsite. It features a number of construction technology vendors who are building this future now. Of course ShareMyToolbox was included as a modern way to track tools and equipment on jobsites. However, other interesting companies included DroneDeploy for their work on cloud-based drone mapping which allows companies to collect and analyze arial data.

Construction Robotics was another really interesting company. They have developed a robotic bricklayer for onsite masonry construction. This along with Endless Robotics which has a robot that paints buildings really boggles the mind. How many construction tasks can actually be automated? I guess we are going to find out!

Check out the rest of the construction technology on this InfoGraphic.

About ShareMyToolbox:

ShareMyToolbox is a cloud app that makes organizing, searching and sharing small tools and equipment simple for contractors. The app is a modern way to manage a tool inventory and keep track of equipment in the field as well as in a warehouse. Free tool tracking articles and customer stories are available at Tool Tracking App.

ShareMyToolbox is a mobile-first application that connects employees to a company’s tool catalog to give users access to tools and assets available in the warehouse or field.