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Modern Tool Tracking in Construction Business Owner

3 Key Elements of Modern Tool Tracking – Construction Business Owner

Originally published on the Construction Business Owner, Cahaba Media Page – January 2018
Construction Business Owner Article

Construction Business Owner re-published an article from ShareMyToolbox on the 3 key elements of a modern tool tracking system. From an operation\’s perspective this article details why tracking tools is of growing importance in construction operations.

Operation\’s people are under tremendous pressure to build efficiently and not having the right tools at the right time can have a major impact on this efficiency. Tools today are much more than just hammers and hand tools. Sophisticated drills, saws, scrubbers have to be moved from job to job to keep costs down and work moving forward. But how can field personnel keep accountability while still moving tools as needed? Modern tool management systems such as ShareMyToolbox offer a solution.

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About ShareMyToolbox:

ShareMyToolbox is a modern app that makes it easy to organize, search and share tools and equipment in construction. A tool inventory is often hard to manage for contractors because tools go into the field and stay there. Often moving from job to job and not coming into a warehouse for tracking. ShareMyToolbox is a mobile app that is mobile just like construction tools! Free tool tracking articles and contractor stories are available at Tool Tracking App.

The most effective tool trackers can be deployed easily as an “app” on your field team’s smartphones and tablets.