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Makerspace & ShareMyToolbox team up to Innovate in Texas

Giving Back: Makerspace & ShareMyToolbox team up to Innovate in Texas

Giving Back Together

ShareMyToolbox is pleased to partner with Makerspace to help inspire a generation of builders and creators in Greenville, Texas. Makerspace provides a facility and access to tools to individuals who are starting businesses or trying to turn ideas into creations. Makerspace provides hard to find tools and equipment which helps individuals collaborate on community projects promoting science, technology and art. By providing space and equipment, Makerspace helps foster innovative ideas and encourage learning in their community.

ShareMyToolbox is an innovative technology company which provides tool tracking software to contractors and other businesses with mobile workforces. According to Chris Wirtz a Co-Founder of ShareMyToolbox, “Gabe Medina’s vision of fostering an innovative community through sharing tools and equipment fits perfectly with ShareMyToolbox’s culture. We believe that all companies should work to make their communities better. Makerspace’s approach to provide access to tools and technology is a great way to help a community create and invent and we are thrilled to support this mission.”

ShareMyToolbox provides an app to help track tools and equipment to keep them from being lost. The app is free for individuals who want to catalog their personal tools and share those tools with family and friends. There is also a paid version of the system for companies who are tracking tools across many individuals and crews. By using this app individuals and companies can search for needed tools and easily assign responsibility for the tool when it is loaned out. By donating the paid version of the tool tracking app, ShareMyToolbox will help Makerspace inventory all tools and track everything loaned out for projects.


For more information about ShareMyToolbox visit Tool Tracking App.

For more information about Makerspace Greenville visit their website here.[/cs_text]

“We are excited to donate our software and technology to help further the mission of Makerspace in Greenville. We look forward to supporting other community based initiatives across Texas.” 

Chris Wirtz, Co-Founder ShareMyToolbox