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Connected Job Site Top 50 List of Technologies in Construction!

BuiltWorld named ShareMyToolbox as one of the top 50 technologies for connected job sites

BuiltWorld published the original top 50 article in August 2018.

Link to Original Top 50 Article

The era of the connected job site is fast approaching and leading contractors are using numerous technologies to automate their projects. BuiltWorld offered it’s list of the top 50 companies providing this technology. The list included ShareMyToolbox’s tool tracking system along side many industry leaders. The notable list included: Bosh, Dewalt, Trimble, Rhumbix, Drone Deploy, WeatherBuild, busybusy, Jovix, XoI, RealWear, Milwaukee, Construction Robotics and many more.

ShareMyToolbox is excited to be included along side these giants. Our simple tool tracking solution is giving contractors and easy way to keep track of small tools and equipment. This easy app is delivering BIG results in productivity. It is fun to see how a simple solution can help a large industry get a little better. To learn more about ShareMyToolbox please visit us at Tool Inventory Tracking.

“ShareMyToolbox is a mobile application that connects employees to a company’s tool catalog to give users access to tools and assets available in the warehouse or field..”