Smart Jobsite 50 List, Built Worlds 2019

BuiltWorlds Smart Jobsite Top 50 List!

Sam Huffman – Posted onAugust 21, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Smart Jobsite 50 List! This year’s list features solutions that our industry utilizes on the jobsite to collaborate with the office, ensure safety, monitor productivity, track assets, and much more. Read on to learn all about how the construction process is being revolutionized by technology that leverages sensors, IoT platforms, AI/Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and other technologies that are changing our jobsites. The list appears in alphabetical order by category type. Enjoy!

Our incredible lineup of judges will be voting for one LEADER and one DISRUPTOR in each of the five categories on the list: (1) Materials (2) Scanning & Visualization (3) Site & Progress Monitoring (4) Tools & Equipment, and (5) Wearables.

Smart Jobsite 50 Judges

  • Ben Callam, Sr. Innovation Analyst, McCarthy
  • Aaron Geiger, Chief Technology Officer, Alberici Group
  • Anthony Rosignolo, Director of Technology & Innovation, Berglund Construction
  • Travis Voss, Technology Manager, Mechanical Inc.
  • Jason Waddell, Director of Construction Technology Development, Batson-Cook
  • David Stone, Director of Virtual Construction, HITT Contracting
  • Lowell Dykstra, Director of Innovation, Interstates
  • Scott Boutwell, North American Market Leader, GHD Digital

BuiltWorld judges commented about ShareMyToolbox:

“ShareMyToolbox helps field personnel track tools by installing an app on field foreman and superintendent phones. Field personnel can search, find, and request needed tools in the app, and the warehouse can assign tools with the same mobile app. Additionally, if a tool should go missing, all parties can see who is responsible.”

To learn more about how ShareMyToolbox makes small tool and equipment tracking SIMPLE please visit our website at You can also find many free resources on tool tracking and tool inventory control at Tracking Tips. Here is the full BuiltWorld Smart Jobsite 50 announcement.