Enhancement Released – Quantity Items

ShareMyToolbox has released a new item type!

Contractors often have tools and equipment that do not require serialized tracking. These are items such as safety harnesses, hard hats, electrical cords, etc. Large volumes of similar products often need to be tracked as they move from the shop to the field and as they go from job to job. These items might not have a unique number assigned to them but a foreman needs a quick way to check out several at a time. The latest enhancement from ShareMyToolbox makes it easy to setup and track these “quantity” items.

Quantity Item Functionality

  • New item type designation in item setup
  • Customizable fields can be turned on/off
  • Labels on fields can be changed to reflect unique needs
  • Inclusion of quantity selections in all workflow steps of loaning, transferring and returning tools
  • Inclusion of quantity items in imports, exports & costing reports

In typical fashion ShareMyToolbox has taken a complex operations requirement and offered a simple way to solve the challenge.

Watch our introduction video here: Quantity Tool Tracking in Adding Tools

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