Tool Audit Released!

ShareMyToolbox is excited to announce the release of new functionality. Tool Audit will allow contractors to send a list of small tools and assets to an employee and have them \”confirm\” that each tool is present and accounted for. The tool audit can be performed by the employee who has the tool assigned to them or by another employee. The mobile app allows field workers to scan barcode tags or QR code tags to confirm the tools as well as to visually confirm assets where tagging is not present.

Like all features of ShareMyToolbox this function grew out of customer requests for a way to check on tools that had been in the field for an extended period of time. Now contractors can quickly confirm that a tool is still present and in good working condition without having it brought back to the warehouse between jobs. This helps protect the tool investment while keeping tools out in the field where they are making money!

To learn more about Tool Audit watch our quick tool audit video.