Equipment Top 50 List

BuiltWorlds Equipment Management Top List!

BuiltWorld 2022 Equipment Management Top 50 List!

This year’s Equipment top 50 list included a broad range of companies all focused on the marketplaces and management systems for equipment in the built world. ShareMyToolbox is honored to be included alongside numerous billion dollar organizations. Proving size isn’t everything!

BuiltWorld judges commented about ShareMyToolbox:

“ShareMyToolbox takes a modern approach to tracking tools and equipment. Contractors use a simple app to allow the shop to loan tools to the field. Field workers can then transfer tools between people & locations as needed. Responsibility for each tool is maintained with these transfers. This allows the company to have visibility into the tool inventory both in the shop and in the field.”

To learn more about how ShareMyToolbox makes small tool and equipment tracking SIMPLE please visit our website at You can also find many free resources on tool tracking and tool inventory control at Tracking Tips.

Here is the full article from BuiltWorld if you would like ot read it:  BuiltWorld Smart Jobsite 50 announcement.