New Notes Features for ShareMyToolbox

New in Notes + More for Health & Safety

ShareMyToolbox is excited to announce the latest upgrade to our Notes feature. Notes has always been a flexible area in the tool tracking system that allows you to track everything you need to know about your items and tools, including calibrations, scheduled maintenance, repair and damage information, and general comments. We’ve been hard at work upgrading Notes, including attachments and more features for health & safety compliance.

Capture What Matters

With this new release, we’ve included dedicated fields for odometer, cost, and hours. This allows you to easily track important metrics for each tool in your inventory.

Attach Files & Photos

A significant addition to the Notes feature is the ability to attach files and photos to any Note. This means that you can now store and share important documents related to your tools, such as manuals, warranties, and purchase orders. Additionally, you can add photos to document any damage or issue with your tools, providing a clear visual reference for anyone who needs to work with them.

Better Health & Safety Compliance

We also want to focus on the importance of health and safety compliance when it comes to managing tools. We know that many of our customers see this as a critical area of concern, and the new Notes update is designed to help with that. With the ability to document and share information about maintenance, repairs, and damage, you can ensure that your tools are always in good condition and safe to use.

Moreover, attaching photos and files to your Notes makes it easy to share relevant information with your team, including safety procedures and manuals. This helps ensure that everyone who works with your tools is aware of any potential hazards and knows how to use the equipment safely.

The update has rolled out on our Web Portal and is also available on our iOS and Android apps. We believe that this update will significantly enhance the way our customers manage their tools, making it easier to track important information and share it with their team.

We believe the latest update to Notes is a significant enhancement that we’re thrilled to share with our customers. With the ability to track essential metrics and attach files and photos to any Note, we’re confident that this feature will make it easier for you to manage your tools effectively. And with our focus on health and safety compliance, you can be confident that your team is using your equipment in the safest way possible.

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