ShareMyToolbox timeline 2015-2023

What’s New With The Ultimate Tool Tracking Device for Your Construction Business

ShareMyToolbox remains the #1 small tool tracking system for construction teams. Since 2015, we’ve been continuously enhancing the platform, turning smartphones everywhere into a powerful tool tracking device. If you haven’t checked us out recently, you might be missing out on how we can help streamline your team’s workflow, ultimately saving you time and money.

The Tool Tracking Device You Already Own.

The smartphone. It’s really the only hardware you need to use ShareMyToolbox – and it’s already in the hands of most of your crew. Keep track of all your small tools and assets with ShareMyToolbox, the comprehensive equipment management solution for your construction fleet, warehouse, and field teams. Don’t let lost or misplaced tools drain your profits. With ShareMyToolbox, you can manage small assets and tools with ease on a single platform. Here’s a bit of history and some cool things we’ve built recently.

Who Remembers 2015? 2015 ShareMyToolbox Goes Live An iOS mobile-first free solution to track and find small tools with a peer-to-peer network. 2016 Enterprise Launch + Major Features Added Web Portal 1.0, Mass Transfer, Virtual Users, Tool History, and Barcode Scan added. Android version launched. 2017 Search & Performance Improvements
Some Cool Things We’ve Built. 2020 Tool Audit Released Easily confirm with employees that tools are in the field with power audit and reporting features. Quantity Item Type Added Set up and loan Items with quantities such as shovels, safety belts, and hardhats. Tool Costing Released Track costing rates with the new costing module that leverages the detailed loan/borrow transaction workflow. 2021 Kits Launches Kits is a special type of Item that can act as a 'parent' to other Items. Kits can be used for tracking Knaack boxes, welding kits, scaffolding and more, and allow other Items to be transferred into the Kit and then loaned out in a group. Consumable Item Type Added Consumables are things like tape, caulk, saw blades and other Items that are consumed (used up) on a jobsite, unlike durable Quantity Items that are sent to jobsites and expected to return.
2022 All New Web Portal Launches Built from the ground-up, the new Enterprise Web Portal is fully responsive and includes powerful search, filter, and import/export options. Plus robust Item management and more. Mobile Widgets Widgets provide timely and relevant information without opening the app, such as Item inventory by Status, important alerts, and quick access to Item Scan and Item Add functions. 2023 Actions Workflow for Web Released Using a familiar shopping cart approach, Actions allows you to search for and take action on Items in bulk - such as Loan, Return, or Transfer with ease.  Notes Upgrade with Attachments & More Now with dedicated fields for odometer, cost, and hours, plus attach files and photos to any Note.

Coming Soon…

We’ve been hard at work and have a product roadmap full of exciting feature updates and additions. Including something that contains the letters GPS. We’ve said too much already. You’ll just have to wait.

GPS Scan

Our asset tracking solution includes the ability to scan QR code labels and barcode asset tags, which are perfect for tracking smaller items. Plus, with ShareMyToolbox, you can instantly update equipment location, date and time, and who scanned it with just a scan of a QR code or barcode using your smartphone. Say goodbye to lost tools and hello to streamlined construction equipment management with ShareMyToolbox. Try it today!