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Does your company need a mobile app for tracking tools? Mobile tool tracking can be easy.

Does your company need a mobile app for tracking tools? A smart phone can become a mobile tool tracker with a simple app.

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“We needed a system as mobile as our tools.”

Freedom Electric

Tracking tools is quickly becoming a requirement for contractors.

Tool costs are increasing every year. To combat these costs contractors MUST find ways to move tools more efficiently from job to job while still maintaining accountability when someone loses a tool. The answer is a simple app which allows field personnel to search, find and transfer tools from their phone.

Find Tools Fast

Don’t let field crew’s waste valuable time calling around trying to find who has the tool they need. Use an easy mobile tool tracking app to give everyone visibility to where tools are located.

A good app makes it easy to see who has each tool with a search from the phone field personnel already have in their pocket. .  This makes it simple to find what you need fast!

Make mobile tool tracking simple in your company.

Trust but Verify

Tools are stolen, lost and broken way too often in construction. While nobody can completely stop breakage, we can reduce it dramatically with a good mobile tool tracker app.  Even a small increase in field personnel feeling accountable for tools will deliver a big decrease in tool costs.  Reducing tool loss saves tens of thousands of dollars  in tool purchases at most contractors.

Responsibility for tools can be improved by:

  1. Giving each field person an easy to access list of what everyone is responsible for.
  2. Require each person to “accept” each tool assigned in order to build responsibility.
  3. Make it easy for field people to transfer responsibility for a tool while in the field.

Get Organized

If the company doesn’t care about tools why would employees?   The first step to protect a tool inventory is to get it organized.

Setup a tool tracker list in a cloud system using a laptop or desktop computer and then make that inventory available to mobile users through an app. Either type the tool list in or import a list from Microsoft Excel.  Keep the list up to date using an app to add to the list as new tools are purchased.  As each employee checks tools in and out, the app updates the list in real time.  All from the phone and tablets already in use at the company.

Getting organized with a modern mobile tool tracker app. Learn more about Construction Tool Inventory here.

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