Mobile Tool Tracking

Mobile Tool Tracking can be Easy

Get a System as Mobile as Your Tools

Are people in your company wasting valuable time calling around trying to find who has the tool they need? Try an easy mobile tool tracking app to give everyone visibility into who has each tool. The core mobile tool tracking issue is that tools move from job to job or person to person and nobody calls to update the list back at the office.  When this happens it wastes everyone’s time trying to figure out who has the tool.

This app makes it easy to see who has each tool.  This makes it simple to find what you need fast!

Make mobile tool tracking simple in your company.

Trust but Verify

Tools are stolen, lost and broken constantly. While we can’t completely stop this, we can reduce it dramatically with a good mobile tool tracking app.  A small increase in accountability for tools can deliver a big decrease in tool costs.  Reducing tool loss can save a company tens of thousands of dollars a year in tool purchases.

Increase accountability by:

  1. Manage a list of what everyone is responsible and put this list on every phone.
  2. Allowing each person to “accept” each tool assigned in order to build responsibility.
  3. Making it easy for field people to transfer responsibility for a tool while in the field.

Get Organized

If the company doesn’t care about tools why should the employees?  To control the cost of constantly replacing tools a company must have a mobile tool tracking system really works. Organizing your tool catalog is the first step to protecting your tool investment.

Setup your mobile tool tracking app list in our web system. Either type them in or import a list from Excel.  Once setup, you can keep your list up to date using the app.  As each employee checks tools in and out, the app updates the list in real time.  You can easily add tools as you buy them. Or remove tools as they need repair.  All from your phone or tablet.

Getting organized with a modern mobile tool tracking app. Learn more about Construction Tool Inventory here.

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If you would like to learn more about our app please use the link below. There are also free articles, videos and tutorials available.

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