Tool Tracking System for Contractors

An Easy to Use Tool Tracking System

Use the ShareMyToolbox tool tracking system to track equipment and inventory small tools.

  • Know where your tools are and reduce them “walking away”.
  • Save time and make it easier for field personnel to search and locate a tool they need in the system.
  • Make it easier for field personnel to share tools and buy fewer duplicate items.
  • Reduce tool loss and clearly assign responsibility for tools in the system to personnel who are using the tools in the field.
  • Be notified when rented tols are due back before late fees are incurred.
  • Maintain an updated catalog of all owned and rented tools.

Software Demonstration Videos

Additional Tool Tracking videos are available to show how the system works. Videos are free to watch and don’t require registering.

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How to Organize Tools

How to give Field Workers Visibility into the Tool Inventory

How to Build Accountability

More than just Check-In & Check-Out

Other tool tracking systems operate like an  inventory system. With a “check in and check out” approach to managing tools. ShareMyToolbox tool tracking software is different. The system is an authentic mobile app which enables small tools and equipment to be taken in and out of the tool crib. It also allows tools to be transferred from person to person in the field. Foreman and superintendents can scan barcodes or just search by a tool name. This decentralized approach makes it easier to track small tools and reduces the time warehouse people spend moving tools from job to job.

A few important ShareMyToolbox tool tracking system functions include:

  • Easy to use mobile application (We understand that it MUST be easy to use to gain field adoption.)
  • Web interface for managing the company tool catalog.
  • Bar-code scanning using the native camera on the mobile phone.
  • Notifications of rental due back dates and tool transfer requests.

Most tool tracking systems are trying to solve an accounting problem rather than trying to solve the core operational problem of tracking who is responsible for a tool.

Chuck Elyea

Search by Barcode or Name

Jobsite foremand and superintendents can simply search for tools by name or they can scan a barcode. Using the cameras built into the phones and tablets scanning is easy. Since most field personnel already carry these devices no additional hardware is needed. Scanning makes transferring equipment in the field quick and easy. Whether field personnel are picking something upat the warehouse or from another jobsite a quick scan assigns responsbility. 

Cloud & Mobile Apps Save Time

Using the cloud tool catalog everyone can see what tools are avialble and who is responsible. This saves field and office people time and frustration. No longer do they need to send mass text and e-mails out searching for a tool. Everyone can see who should have it. Asset management of tools and equiplment has never been easier. Get a simple tool inventory and tracking system that works as an easy app.

For additional detailed information on our tool tracking system, please visit our How-It-Works page to learn more.  You can also find information on our tool inventory app and small tool tracking as well as tool tracking using these links.

Tool Tracking System