Welcome ConTech Trio Fans

We are welcome the fans of the ConTech Trio and the ConApp Guru. We are subscribers ourselves so we appreciate others who “geek out” on technology in construction.

Lots of information available for you…

  • Tool Tracking TipsHere is where you can find long form articles and papers on how to best approach tool tracking as a contractor.
  • Barcode Tool TipsThis is a page dedicated to the best practices in barcoding tools. We share tips from users in the blog as well as links to buy rugged barcodes. All information on barcoding flows into this page.
  • ShareMyToolbox AppThe thing that keeps the lights on is our APP! We have built the easiest to use tool tracking system in construction. Regardless of how you physically track your tools you need a responsibility system at the core. This is where we come in. Check out our Tool Tracking App here.

Watch More Videos

Follow this link to watch some more videos about our tool inventory app.