Charge Partners with ShareMyToolbox to Revolutionize Tool Management Efficiency

Customer Success - Charge VPC North

Charlotte, NC – (Dec. 19, 2023) – Charge, a prominent leader in design, procurement, and construction services for the West Coast utility industry, has joined forces with ShareMyToolbox to enhance its tool management processes. ShareMyToolbox’s cutting-edge platform promises to streamline operations, increase accountability, and significantly reduce costs for Charge’s VPC North division.

Facing the challenges of fragmented tool tracking systems, Charge’s VPC North division sought a comprehensive solution that would consolidate their processes and improve overall efficiency. The array of spreadsheets and manual records had created complexities in tracking tools and equipment, leading to inefficiencies and uncertainty.

Michael Lane, PE Pipeline Connections Specialist at Charge, shares his insights on the decision to partner with ShareMyToolbox: 

“We were drowning in spreadsheets, smart sheets, and note sheets, trying to track tools and equipment across multiple sites. The lack of a unified tool tracking system made it difficult to know where items were at any given time, especially when they were loaned between crew members or sent off-site for maintenance. We needed a better solution to streamline our tool management.”

After extensive research, Charge identified ShareMyToolbox as the optimal solution to their tool management challenges. The platform’s simplicity and comprehensive tool tracking capabilities stood out, making it an ideal fit for Charge’s needs. ShareMyToolbox not only addressed their tool management concerns but also provided a user-friendly interface that could be embraced by team members at all levels of the organization.

Greg Behr, Josh Smith, and Alonso Ojeda, leaders within Charge, recognized the potential of ShareMyToolbox and supported its implementation across VPC North. With their backing, the implementation process moved swiftly from problem identification to full rollout in under six months. ShareMyToolbox’s barcode tracking system played a pivotal role in enhancing accountability and maintenance practices, leading to a reduction in misused and damaged items.

“We are thrilled to welcome Charge’s VPC North division as our valued customer,” states Chris Wirtz, CEO of ShareMyToolbox. “At ShareMyToolbox, our mission is to empower organizations like Charge with innovative tool management solutions that drive efficiency, accountability, and cost savings. We are confident that our platform will have a transformative impact on their operations.”

ShareMyToolbox’s implementation also led to a significant improvement in the field transfer and tracking process, as well as consumables inventory management. Field personnel quickly embraced the platform, recognizing the tangible benefits it brought to their daily tasks. The platform’s “condition auditing” feature and the ability to track rented tools and equipment were highlighted as promising next steps for further optimization.

With Charge’s VPC North division onboard as a ShareMyToolbox customer, both organizations are poised for a future of enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, and heightened accountability. The partnership between Charge and ShareMyToolbox is a testament to the power of innovative technology in driving positive change within the utility construction industry.

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Founded in 2015, ShareMyToolbox is a leading provider of innovative tool management solutions that streamline operations and increase accountability for organizations across the construction industry. With a user-friendly platform and comprehensive tool tracking capabilities, ShareMyToolbox empowers businesses to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Learn more at


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