Tool Asset Tagging Made Simple

Asset tagging and barcoding of tools can be simple. Watch the asset tagging video below for a quick presentation of how to use phones and tablets to scan rugged asset tags on construction tools and make tool barcoding simple.

Tool barcoding and asset tags for construction equipment can be simple. Of course they need to be rugged tags which is why we recommend a metal photo tag. With a clear coat protectant and a 3M adhesive on the back our rugged tags can withstand the harsh environments our customers operate in. That said, we can also scan other tags so you don't have to use ours if you don't want to.

Beyond the tags we have chosen to use the phone and tablet cameras as our scanners to avoid costly hardware. This way the phone you already keep in your pocket is the scanner. There is no need to search for a separate device, just pull your phone out and scan the tool to check it in/out.

This also makes it easy for field personnel to transfer tools from person to person or from job to job. Since field workers can have the app on their phones, everyone can scan and transfer tools as needed. Tools are going to move from job to job no matter what you do as a company. ShareMyToolbox just makes it easy to move the responsibility for the tool at the same time the tool moves. (Without calling the office.)

Check out our quick video on asset tagging and tool barcoding above and then start a FREE trial of the system to test it out for yourself.

More Tracking Functions

Tool Barcode Scanning

Are you already using ShareMyToolbox and looking for more information on tool barcoding?

Check out our Barcoding Tips Page for general information.

Click on this link to get to specifications for our Rugged Asset Tags for purchase.

If you want a walk through of how to setup barcode tracking in the system please click on the in system help (The blue question mark.) and search for barcode. The system will then walk you through setting up your first barcode.

As always, feel free to contact us at with questions.