Tool Billing & Costing Made Simple

Watch the video to see our easy solution to tool costing and tool billing for contractors.

Tool billing and tool costing doesn't have to be complex. The first rule is; there are not rules for billing. Any rules you establish will need to be changed for some future job or customer who demands a different billing scenario. Thus, the most important thing for small tool and equipment billing is to be flexible!

ShareMyToolbox uses our phone app to make the check in and check out of tools quick and simple. We track every tool and every transfer from field workers and jobs. Since the app is tracking each tool movement it is easy for us compile costing records. We simply look back over any timeframe you specify. Then filter by whatever person or job you want to filter by. And with one click you can download an Excel sheet with all you tool records.

We make it easy to track multiple rates on every tool with customizable rate labels. Thus, you can track daily, weekly, monthly rates. You can track internal vs external rates. Sell rates vs buy rates, yep! Harsh environment rates, no problem! You create your own labels and thus the system works the way you need it to.

Check out our quick video on tool billing and costing above and then start a FREE trial of the system to test it out for yourself.

More Tracking Functions

Tool Barcode Scanning

Are you already using ShareMyToolbox and looking for more information on tool costing and billing? 

Check out our Tool TrackingTips Page for general information.

Click on this link to get to training video and walk through of setting up tool costing.

If you want a walk through of how to setup tool costing in the system please click on the in system help (The blue question mark.) 

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