Tool Kits Made Simple

Watch the tool kits video to see our easy solution for tracking kits and combo boxes of small tools and equipment. Fill you job box with as many small tools as you want. Add them from a list or by scanning a barcode tag. Then issue just the box out and all the tools will be updated with one scan or two taps of the mobile app.

Tool kits can be a complex thing to track for many systems. Not at ShareMyToolbox! We recognized that contractors needed an easy way to assemble and assign kits of tools. The classic example is assembling a Knaack box and filling it with a variety of tools to be sent to a job.

ShareMyToolbox allows you to scan and assign tools to the box or to build the box ahead of time. You can add items to a box at anytime. You can also remove items from the box as needed. 

Each item retains all of it's own history and tracking. Thus, you can still see a costing report and history information for every tool that was in the box as well as the box itself. Of course assigning the box out and bringing the box back in is just a once step process of scan and return.

Check out our quick video on tool kit tracking above and then start a FREE trial of the system to test it out for yourself.

More Tracking Functions

Tool kit tracking

Are you already using ShareMyToolbox and looking for more information on tool kit tracking? 

Check out our Tool TrackingTips Page for general information.

Click on this link to access our training video and walk through of detailed functions such as setting up tool costing.

If you want a walk through of how to setup any area of the system please click on the in system help (The blue question mark.) 

As always, feel free to contact us at with questions.