Tool Maintenance Made Simple

Watch the tool maintenance video to see our easy solution for tracking scheduled maintenance and calibrations on small tools and equipment.

Tool maintenance tracking is a flexible area of ShareMyToolbox. It is designed to allow for tracking of calibrations, safety checks and any number of regular maintenance requirements. The type of note is user defined so you can have as many as you want and you can name them in anyway that works for your company.

ShareMyToolbox uses triggers alerts for the admin as well as the person who currently has a tool when the maintenance is due. You can even set a number of days prior to the alert if you want the alarms to come early. 

To make it easy for admins to stay on top of scheduled maintenance our alerts feed into a to-do style list. This list is accessible from an admin's mobile device and allows quick access to all the maintenance due. After each maintenance item is finished it is added to the tool history so that you can always report on what was done, who did it and when.

Check out our quick video on tool & equipment maintenance tracking above and then start a FREE trial of the system to test it out for yourself.

More Tracking Functions

Tool Maintenance Safety

Are you already using ShareMyToolbox and looking for more information on tool maintenance and safety tracking? 

Check out our Tool TrackingTips Page for general information.

Click on this link to access our training video and walk through of detailed functions such as setting up tool costing.

If you want a walk through of how to setup any area of the system please click on the in system help (The blue question mark.) 

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