Video Overviews

These videos are designed to provide you with an overview of the inventory system and key benefits.
Additional detailed videos of key system features are available in our help tutorial pages.
As always, contact us if you have questions not answered in the videos.

Overview Demonstration

This video provides an 8 minute overview of the ShareMyToolbox tool tracking & inventory system.


  • Full Workflow
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Devices

Quick Demo

Want to share the key elements of the system with someone who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare?
Send them this 2 minute video to get them started.


  • Quick Overview
  • Mobile Workflow

The Setup Process

Here is a 60 second overview of what it takes to subscribe and start setting the system up.


  • General Setup Process
  • Key Steps

Tool Tracking can be simple. Try us first!

Key Tutorial Videos



Importing Tools

Adding Tools

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These tutorial videos are examples of how you can learn the system. They also answer some of the most common questions people have when evaluating ShareMyToolbox.

Tools are mobile. Shouldn’t your inventory system be mobile?

Getting Started is Easy

Getting started with ShareMyToolbox is easy and RISK FREE. Commit only once you know the system is a good fit for you.

We will support you as you test the system out just like you were a customer. After all, 1/2 of all trials become customers!

Start a Free Trial

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  • Fully Functional Trial

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Test the System

Test out the system with your tools and your users.

  • Unlimited tools
  • Unlimited support
  • Trial is limited to 5 users
Buy and Use It

Once you see that it is a good fit. Enter your credit card and subscribe for as many users as you need.

  • Trial becomes live system
  • Buy the users needed to start
  • Expand as you go
Tool Inventory System Phones

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Tool Tracking Demonstration Video
Tool Tracking Demonstration Video

Demonstration of a modern tool tracking app to help contractors inventory tools and small equipment. Search, find and transfer tools easily.