Tool App Tutorials

Learn how to use our tool inventory app with these quick videos.

Overview Tutorials

These video tutorials are designed to help you understand the key functions of the tool tracking system. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions not covered by the tutorials.


Scroll Down for additional videos covering the web and mobile components.

Sales Overview Demonstration

Setup in 60 Seconds

Web Interface

These tutorials review the web interface. The web interface is only available to Enterprise subscribers.

Tools Add & Edit

Grid Functionality

Exporting Tools to Excel

Web – Adding & Editing Tool Notes

Import Functionality

Connections Add & Edit

Tool Mass Transfer

Settings and Profile Setup

Mobile Interface

These tutorials review the mobile options with the tool inventory app. We use both Apple and Android devices. The tutorials show both devices when the screens are significantly different.

Tools Add & Edit

Borrowing Tools

Tool Return

Searching for Tools

Using Tool Notes

Using the Mobile Dashboard

Loaning Tools

Barcode Setup and Workflow

Transferring Tools

More on the way…

If you are looking for a tutorial and can’t find what you need please contact us. We are constantly building new tool app tutorials and would love to hear ideas on what might be helpful.

What We’re Looking For

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    Ideas on how we can help people learn quicker and easier.

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    Areas of the system where we need to provide more helpful information.

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    Unique situations where you have found a good use for the system that we should tell others about.

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    Don’t bother complaining about the southern accent on the voice over. That ain’t gonna change. 🙂

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