Tool Management success, keep it simple

Keep it Simple for Tool Management Success

Keep it Simple for Tool Management Success

Tool Management Success

Jack Hobbs, the Senior Superintendent, Self-Perform Manager for Chicago’s Blinderman Construction already knew the importance of technology for managing a construction business. After all, Bliderman was already using proven solutions like Get Zoom, Procore and Oracle Primavera P6 for their construction business. But with the constant hustle and flow of his team in the field, adding some sort of complex technology for managing the tool inventory would have only made things more complicated.

Operating projects with roughly 60 employees at any given time, assigning and managing tools across different projects was difficult to say the least. But something had to be done since tool hoarding and theft was becoming a growing reality for the firm. With tight margins on projects, every dollar counted, so finding the right solution became a high priority.

ShareMyToolbox – Rooted in Simplicity

When looking for the right fit for Blinderman, Hobbs explained, “We looked at several options on the market, but ShareMyToolbox was clearly the most advanced in the type of technology we were looking for to track our assets. And because of the simplicity, it fits our business model the best.” He added, “Placing the accountability for tool management on the individual makes it easier to transfer tools and avoid the blame game when trying to locate them.”

The Answer is Simple

Wondering just how important simplicity is for success with your construction projects? A recent article on Constructible shared some insight. The author writes, “One of the largest struggles the construction industry has had with technology adoption is basic resistance to change.” He explained that if your workers find new technologies too complex or confusing to learn, they simply won’t use them. When discussing older workers versus the younger generation, he concludes, “There is one area of modern technology where adopters and resisters are finding common ground — technology needs to be easy to use.”

This thought is exactly what drove Hobbs to select ShareMyToolbox. When reflecting on the importance of simplicity in his choice, Hobbs said, “I’ve worked with many different competitors of ShareMyToolbox – and there’s not really an apples to apples comparison to the way ShareMyToolbox works right now. The accountability model is by far the easiest to use.”

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