Personal tool tracking

Tool Loss is Solved with Accountability

Think about accountability instead of physical tool trackers.

It is human nature for most people to want to do the right thing. Empowering your team to be in charge of managing  tool usage is an effective way to harness their \’accountability instinct\” for a good cause. In fact, when it comes to managing tools on the project site, the idea of ‘accountability’ has proven to be the most effective way to solve the tool tracking problem in construction.

Why ShareMyToolbox?

ShareMyToolbox assigns accountability to the person who “signs out” a particular tool rather than tracking the tool itself. By locking the responsibility to the person everyone knows clearly who is responsible for each tool. Using ‘a peer-to-peer sharing’ network of phones allows good people to solve the problem. This doesn\’t require fancy tags or Bluetooth devices. Just a simple app on the phone allows tools to be assigned by name & picture.

Shawn Miller, Tool Coordinator at Gilbert explained, “We needed something that was simple and didn’t charge (track) by the tool entry, but instead tracked the user.” He added something else that every contractor can relate to, “ShareMyToolbox creates accountability and no one wants to be left holding the hot potato so the tools always come back!”

Accountability helps

As Kimberly Hegeman explained in For Construction Pros, “Tool-tracking solutions like ShareMyToolbox, lets employees know what tools are available and which co-worker has them without needing to call the office for that information. It makes employees accountable for the tools assigned to them and also facilitates the exchange of tools between employees without checking them back into a tool crib.”

Tracking the tools as they move from person to person in the field is a unique problem facing construction companies. Manufacturing and distribution companies can bring everything back to a central tool crib everyday. Contractors find that tools often need to stay in the field or in trucks/vans for extended periods of time. This is why it is so important to engage field workers in the tracking of tools. They are the only people who actually see the tools on a daily basis!

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