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Focus on People for Tool Management Success

“It is critical to build up our trust with our people, ShareMyToolbox helps us avoid wrong accusations or assumptions.”

-Gilbert Mechanical

People are the solution

Far to often we try to use technology to take away the need for people to \”think\” for themselves. In construction this is a dangerous approach to management. To get jobs built field workers must think and make decisions everyday. Rather than trying to eliminate decision making we should be working to help enable effective decision making with resources and tools.

ShareMyToolbox customer Shawn Miller of Gilbert Mechanical explained, “Even with a team of 200 great guys in the field and office, tools would go missing, get misplaced, or get left behind.” Yet, he understood that technology couldn’t replace people when it came to responsible decision-making and accountability. “With these important factors at the core of my workforce, I knew my team could become more reliable, efficient and successful.” ShareMyToolbox has helped Miller to build a culture of responsibility.

A simple tool tracking app can help

By deploying a simple app that provides EVERYONE visibility into where each tool is located the field personnel can make better tool decisions. Tools will naturally flow from where they are idle to where they are needed if the information is widely available. This movement of tools is extremely helpful to the business as it speeds up work and reduces duplicate tool purchases. 

The only potential issue with tools moving from job to job in the field is a lack of accountability when tools inevitably go missing. The right technology solution can help with the accountability problem in addition to the visibility. By providing an app, field people can transfer responsibility along with the tools as they move from job to job. This quick field responsibility transfer keeps the accountability where it belongs and best of all, does not require the office to be chasing tools around!

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