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January 2016 Newsletter

ShareMyToolbox Enterprise is here!

The basic mobile-only version of ShareMyToolbox will always be free, but now there is an advanced version for companies with larger databases and more connections. Why did we develop an Enterprise version? So that we could charge you lots of money so that I can feed my kids!

Just kidding, however, you may wonder why we created a free version of our application!  Here are a few reasons:

  • Our app may appear simple, but there is a lot of complexity under the covers with the peer-to-peer sharing workflow engine. By going to market with a free consumer version (MBAs call this a minimum viable product), we could get a lot of free testing and feedback. So far we have 2000 downloads and a nice mention in Popular Mechanics!
  • Most business apps just aren’t very sexy. A company committee will decide what to purchase and then employees will be told to use it. Apps accomplish a particular function and that’s it. With a consumer app, the bar is much higher so the user experience has to be good or the app will be deleted. I hope you will agree that we put a lot of effort into the design of our app and it’s top quality!
  • We were able to test the scale-ability of the app prior to corporate distribution.
  • Employees can be connected to a corporate Enterprise account, but still use the free version for personal tools and connections. If an employee is terminated, the company disconnects that user (like defriending on FaceBook), but they are still able to use the app for personal tools. Companies that promote this duel use will have more engaged users.

The Enterprise version is built on top of the free version and uses the same database. You can start with the free and upgrade at anytime, or vice versa with no loss of data.
So what do I get in the Enterprise version of ShareMyToolbox and how much does it cost?

Web interface

  • Entry grid with inline editing of tools
  • Import tools from an Excel file
  • Sort, filter, reorder columns, group data
  • Export to Excel
  • Automatically set up connections (employees) without invitations
  • Designate multiple connections as tool administrators


  • Two custom fields that can be designated as dates, text or URLs
  • Rental tool tracking (rate, period, rental date, return date)
  • Barcoding
  • Ability to transfer tools between enterprise connections without checking in
  • Notifications for due back date, warranty, rental return, custom field date
  • Higher resolution pics with pinch to zoom


ShareMyToolbox is priced with the field user in mind, so most companies will have a large number of users. Other systems are designed for very few users that function as tool administrators, so they tend to be very expensive per user. Our system is priced in groups of 5 users with zero upfront licensing cost:


If you’d like to learn more, please visit our How-It-Works page on our website here or download the setup guide here. Of course, you’re always free to give me a call at (866) 768-TOOL.ShareMyToolbox will be exhibiting at World of Concrete in Las Vegas February 2-5, 2016. Look for us in booth S13125.

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