April 2016 Newsletter

We’re taking the market by storm!

We’re the easiest, most cost-effective mobile tool tracking system on the market. With 3000 downloads to date and 7500 tools added just in the last few weeks,  people are starting to notice!

“Most tool tracking systems are trying to solve an accounting problem rather than trying to solve the core problem of tracking who is responsible for a tool.”

ShareMyToolbox helps you

  • Know where your tools are and reduce them “walking away”
  • Make it easier for field personnel to search and locate a tool they need
  • Make it easier for field personnel to share tools and buy fewer duplicate items
  • Clearly assign responsibility for tools to the personnel who are using the tools in the field
  • Be notified when rented tools are due back before late fees are incurred
  • Maintain an updated catalog of all owned and rented tools

Other tool tracking systems operate like an inventory system, with a “check-in and check-out” approach to managing tools. ShareMyToolbox is different. It is an authentic mobile solution which enables tools to be checked-in/out but also transferred from person to person in the field. This decentralized approach makes it easier to manage tools and reduces the time warehouse personnel spend tracking tools that are moving in the field.

Time to try our Enterprise version?

Our mobile-only version is great for consumers and small contractors. We allow unlimited tools, but if you need more than 4 users then you may want to consider upgrading to the Enterprise version. Lots of cool additional features, and you can put ShareMyToolbox in the hands of all your field employees for a fraction of the price of other systems that were designed for warehouse managers only.

You can upgrade at any time with no loss of data since both versions use the same cloud multi-tenant database! Give us a call today at (866) 768-TOOL ext 1 and we will sign you up for a free 2 week trial or a full subscription.