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Be Smart, Be Mobile: A Case for Modern Tool Tracking

In our fast-moving world of changing technologies, construction businesses have to constantly make adjustments to stay ahead. It can be hard to know where to start, but here is an idea: already in the pocket of every crew leader is a tool with untapped potential. A tool with the ability to change the game, so to speak. A tool that can move a business from a stale, static system to a meaningful, mobile solution.

Game Changer

Forward-thinking business owners must not only research current technology, but work to keep employees up to date on the skills needed for deploying the new technologies. In today’s world, this means enabling field employees to use smartphones for more than a calling and e-mail device.

According to James Manyika in McKinsey & Company, “[New] technologies can change the game for companies, creating new ways to achieve better outcomes. Leaders need to… not be afraid to look beyond long-established models.”

One such modern technology is mobile tool tracking software that can be deployed as an app on smartphones and tablets. Challenging a long-established model, new tool tracking applications are an effective way for contractors like you to save money and improve operations.

Bottom Line

The willingness to shift and educate employees to incorporate current technology to benefit your organization is critical. This really just means embracing the new and helping people through the learning process to see the advantages. What are the advantages of mobile tool tracking? Here are just a few:

Be Mobile: Get Organized

A mobile tool inventory allows you to maintain visibility of your tools as they move in the field. Unlike a static spreadsheet that relies on check-ins and check-outs at a warehouse or tool crib, this mobile inventory provides a real-time record of what you have and where it is at any given time.

Be Mobile: Find Tools Fast

Using a mobile tool tracker means field personnel can easily locate what tools are available. No more wasted time tracking down missing tools or wasted money buying duplicates. When field teams can find tools fast, they borrow more and buy less.

Be Mobile: Build Accountability

Tool tracking with mobile devices provides real accountability by allowing field users to transfer responsibility when they transfer a tool. This element is THE key to effective tool tracking. To be effective, your tool tracking system must be mobile so transfers can be done in the field, without calling the office.

What technology is your construction business looking at to improve processes, reduce costs, or become more efficient? If something as simple as mobile tool tracking can add to the bottom line, then why not get started today?

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