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A Case for Responsibility Based Tool Tracking

Apps & Accountability: Responsibility Based Tool Tracking

New apps and technology are being introduced in nearly every industry in the world — even in the construction industry. Rather than mourning “the way things used to be,” many forward-thinking contractors are quickly adopting new technology solutions to improve their businesses. This can be especially advantageous for small- to mid-size companies who can move more quickly and gain a competitive edge over their bigger, slower competitors.

But is there a downside?

Take, for example, the latest GPS and Bluetooth based tool trackers that have been rolled out by big players like Bosch™, Milwaukee™, and DeWalt™. While these manufacturers are highly reputable toolmakers, reviews are showing that their beacon based technology has a long way to go. Issues including range and signal reliability, questionable theft deterrence (because beacons can be removed) and the difficulty of attaching beacons to every item, confirm that the technology is far from a complete solution.

Great. So, we have new tool tracking technology, but it’s cumbersome and it’s not really solving our tracking problem.

But, what if there was an app that utilized the benefits of new technology while preserving what’s most valuable about the way things used to be?

Enter: responsibility-based tool tracking. As opposed to hardware-based solutions, which rely solely on beacons and Bluetooth or GPS, responsibility-based tool trackers utilize modern app technology AND incorporate the most valuable component in eliminating tool loss: accountability.

Rather than relying on a piece of hardware and a signal to tell you where your tools are (or were), a responsibility-based tool tracker tells you at any given moment WHO has a tool. This responsibility follows the person, along with the tool, until it is transferred to and accepted by the next person, even out in the field (especially out in the field). Someone is always responsible for each tool and each piece of equipment.

By digitally tracking who is responsible for a tool, you combine the new with the best of the old. The tool tracking system is accessible on your phone or tablet, so it’s new, fast, and modern — but it incorporates the very best of the “good old days”: a foundation of trust and accountability.

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