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Tool Tracking builds Credibility – and Trust

Tool Tracking builds Credibility – and Trust

An article published on popular career site, Mind Tools states, “A team without trust isn\’t really a team: it\’s just a group of individuals, working together, often making disappointing progress. It doesn’t matter how capable or talented your people are, they may never reach their full potential if trust isn\’t present.”  For contractors, losing trust can mean losing credibility and credibility is the thread that holds project teams together, so for that reason – it must be protected.

Think of a project that failed and you’ll find a point where trust crumbled and the team deteriorated from a cohesive crew to a group of protective individuals. When trust is missing from the team equation, collaboration breaks down, motivation dwindles and progress loses steam, all because the respect that comes with trust, vanishes.

Stop the madness

Using a modern tool tracking application that allows a person to accept and transfer responsibility is a smart and logical solution for establishing trust.  For starters, it solves a fundamental problem at the heart of every construction project – keeping tools organized. With productivity at the crossroads of success and failure for any construction operations team, the impact of tool loss can be immediately felt. Having visibility into where tools are at all times leads to better efficiency, saves money and establishes accountability – which is the key attribute of trust.

Additionally, a tool system takes the plausible deniability out of the discussion. When responsibility is clearly defined, your guys will do a better job of keeping track of their tools. If held accountable in a tool sharing system, employees understand they have a problem to solve rather than transferring blame on to others. When blame-shifting begins breaking down trust between employees, it’s time to assign accountability and build trust through the use of a proven tool tracking system. Then, there can be no debate.

Plus, if you’re like most construction companies, the last thing you need to be doing is chasing tools around – you’re already busy enough! You want to trust your guys to handle the responsibility of moving tools from where they are to where they’re needed.

Finally, with the complexity of completing a construction project on time and on budget, a little simplicity somewhere in the mix is a blessing! A simple app on the smartphone in your pocket or tablet in the warehouse can eliminate the headache of tool management while creating real trust across the team in the field.

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