A Remarkable Year of Innovation and Growth in 2023

Thanks for a fantastic 2023! ShareMyToolbox is thrilled to share the incredible journey we’ve had this year, and none of it would have been possible without the support from our amazing customers. From groundbreaking features to recognition in prestigious awards, 2023 has been a year of growth, innovation, and success for tool tracking software.

Taking Action with Tool Tracking Software

Actions for Tool Tracking Software

At the start of the year, ShareMyToolbox introduced the Actions feature, revolutionizing the way users manage their tools. The “add to cart” approach simplified the process of assigning and moving items in batches, making tool tracking more efficient than ever before. This year was all about taking action, and our users embraced this new functionality. Read More >

New in Notes for Tools

Notes Features for Tool Tracking Software

In April, we unveiled a major enhancement to Notes for Web, iOS, and Android. The new Notes feature included attachments and additional features designed to meet health and safety compliance standards. We were committed to providing a seamless experience for our users, and the improvements in Notes reflected our dedication to continuous enhancement. Read More >

Bringing Focus to Item Views

Item View for ShareMyToolbox

Throughout the summer, ShareMyToolbox continued to enhance user experience by focusing on Item views. We added sort options to web grids and polished the Item profile on mobile devices. These updates were aimed at providing a more user-friendly interface, ensuring that our users could easily access and manage their tool inventory. Read More >

GPS Location Tracking for Tools

GPS Location Tracking for Tools in ShareMyToolbox

August brought a game-changing feature – GPS Tracking. Users now have the ability to capture precise coordinates whenever an Item is scanned. The integration of map views elevated tool tracking to a new level, offering a visual representation of Item locations and enhancing overall efficiency. Read More >

Tool Tracking Software Powerful Backend

Microsoft backend upgrades

While new features often take the spotlight, we also recognized the importance of a robust backend. In 2023, we invested in significant backend improvements to ensure our tech infrastructure remained modern and efficient, laying the foundation for continued innovation in the future. Read More >

ShareMyToolbox Ahora en Español

ShareMyToolbox in Spanish

In November, ShareMyToolbox reached another milestone by launching the mobile app in Spanish. Now, our Spanish-speaking users can seamlessly navigate the interface in their preferred language, making tool tracking even more accessible. Read More >

People Noticed

The industry took notice of our efforts, and ShareMyToolbox was recognized in various prestigious awards. From being named in the Top 50 Tools and Equipment by the Northern Digital Awards to receiving the Forbes Advisor Best Tool Inventory Software 2023, the recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

As 2023 comes to a close, ShareMyToolbox expresses gratitude for your support and involvement in our journey. It’s our customers that continue to drive us to continue to bring innovation and truly useful features for field-based teams everywhere. The year has been filled with achievements, and we look forward to another year of innovation and success.