Tool Tracking mass transfer

New Functionality: Mass Tool Transfer

We released an update to our web interface yesterday that will be helpful to many users. It can be a common scenario where an employee leaves or a job foreman is replaced and the assigned tools need to be transferred to a new foreman.

Tool Tracking Tutorials update

ShareMyToolbox Tutorials Updated

We now have tutorials for ShareMyToolbox on our website! Since we will be changing these a number of times over the new few months as features are added, we haven’t jazzed them up yet. You’ll have to put up with my non-radio voice for a bit, but just focus on the content and not my “southernisms.”

Tool Tracking SMTB Logo

January 2016 Newsletter

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our How-It-Works page on our website here or download the setup guide here.

Enterprise Tool Tracking Released

ShareMyToolbox Enterprise Released

We have officially released ShareMyToolbox Enterprise and it’s now available for subscription. We also offer free 14-day trial so that you can evaluate our enhanced features with no risk.

Barcode iOS Types Post 2015

Barcode iOS Supported Types

Here is a link to a PDF of the supported barcode types for iOS cameras. These generally also work for Android devices. The use of the phone’s built in camera eliminates the need for any proprietary hardware and should make scanning a quick and low cost option.