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Features Built for Contractors

Barcode & Asset Tags

Rugged asset tracking tags have been tested in the harshest environments by our customers. Scan them with the phone/tablet cameras for a quick and easy way to check tools in and out.

Maintenance & Calibrations

Schedule maintenance and calibration alerts. Receive damage notices and repair requests from the field. Track a history of all these activities so that you can keep your equipment working.

Costing & Billing

If you need to cost or bill tools to jobs we have you covered! You can track multiple rates per tool and generate a costing report by person or by job.  Asset tracking for internal costing of external billing. The report is delivered in MS Excel for easy transfer to other systems.

Tool Audit & Field Audits

Need an easy way to check with field personnel to make sure they still have a tool that was assigned to them? Tool audit allows the shop manager to quickly request an audit of any tool at anytime. Keep track of last audit date and the condition of every tool with the best audit process in the industry.

Kit Tracking

Do you have tools that need to be tracked in bulk such as extension cords or hard hats? Or how about kits of tools such a Knaack boxes and trailers? No problem, we are built for construction so we have those covered! Choose your item type when creating the item and the system will give you exactly what you need.

Consumable Items

What about all that small stuff that you send to jobs and you don't expect it to come back? Well we don't have you covered on that just yet but we will soon! The ability to track consumables and charge them to jobs is coming very soon. Give us a call to get an early preview of this functionality.

3 Simple Steps To Get Started



Inventory Tools

Setup your own tool inventory by importing a list from Excel or by entering them in manually. We will host your inventory list in our cloud system so there is no software to install on your computer.



Download the App

Download the app for Apple or Android phones. Enter your e-mail and the app will instantly connect to the cloud inventory of tools you setup.


Deploy to the Field

Have field employees download the app and connect to the cloud tool inventory to share tools. The whole company can now search for and find small tools and equipment.

Let Us Help You Get Organized

Use Phones to Track Tools

Works with Apple & Android devices. Works with Phones & Tablets. No scanners or extra hardware needed.

Construction Tool App Search

Built for Construction

Use our simple tool inventory app to quickly find and transfer tools and small equipment from person to person or job to job. Empower field workers to be able to search and find tools from their phones. Allow them to see if a tool is available in the warehouse or is already at another jobsite. They can then make a borrow or purchase decision quickly and more accurately. This saves the whole company time and money.

  • Be Organized

    Build a catalog of tools in our cloud so you know what you own.

  • Find Tools Fast

    Give field workers the ability to search the catalog and see who has each tool and where it is located.

  • Trust but Verify

    Make it easy for EVERYONE to know who is responsible for each tool. Transfer that responsibility when the tool moves... even in the field!

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A system built for Construction...

Small Tool Tracking System for Contractors

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